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History of Boys' Basketball in Seymour

The Seymour Herald - 11 December 1952
By Doral Colton
  The decision to have boys' basketball was made by P. H. Jarman and John Craven, football coach, in the winter of 1933. The high school had been moved to its present site and the girls were starting "inside" basketball. The old high school west of town was converted into a "makeshift" gym. This was used until the new gym was built.
  The first game was played at Sewal during Christmas vacation. The Seymour boys still had the "football fever," consequently nearly all of them fouled out. Result: Sewal 44, Seymour 4. That would look discouraging to some, but not to those courageous players. Their ability improved and they held their opponent's score lower while they pushed their score higher. Their first season ended with no wins and 10 losses.
  Some of the prominent players on the first team were: Ernest Bryan, "Pepper" Martin, Lloyd Patterson, Angelo Saccaro, Richard Scott, Maurice Stamps, Ricardo Stieven and Harley Yeager.
  In their first game in the county tournament at Allerton, the lights went out and the game was delayed over an hour.
  During the 1934-35 season, the players improved themselves to the point where they won two and lost 11 games. Glendon Martin was captain of the squad.
  The next year, the team won four and lost 12.
  In 1936-37 with Russell Cleeton and Ernest Bryan, captains, the games won overbalanced the games lost for the first time. The record was 10 wins and eight losses.
  Tony Sebben was the honorary captain in 1937-38 season with the team having a good season by winning 16 and losing six games.
  1938-39 found the Seymour boys in the champion category. They were the Wayne county champions. Richard Haines was captain and the season's record was 15 won and seven lost.
  During the years of 1939-40, they won 11 and lost 12; 1940-41, won 13, lost 12; 1941-42, won 15 and lost 13.
  During the war season of 1942-43 and 1943-44, no win and loss records were kept. In 1944, however, the Seymour boys advanced farther in tournament play than any other time. They first won the county tournament. Later they became sectional champtions. Ottumwa defeated them in district play by a very close score.
  In 1945-46, the record was eight wins and 11 losses. No records are available for 1946-47. During 1947-48, they won 12 games and lost 8.
  The Warriors had another very good season in 1948-49. They won 20 games while losing only four.
  During 1949-50 they won 11, lost 10; 1950-51, won 14, lost 10; 1051-52, won four games and lost 15.
  This brings the record up to date. 1952-53 promises to be another good season.

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