Saturday, June 20, 2009

Picture of Christ Is Given at Jerome

The Seymour Herald - 29 December 1949
The Jerome Methodist church was presented with the picture, "Head of Christ" by Sallman, in a service during the Christmas program Christmas eve. The gift, given in memory of Mr. and Mrs. George Sidles, who were faithful members of the church, was sent by the Rev. Roy Mills family of Patterson, N.J. Mrs. Mills was the former Mary Sidles.

Several members of the family were there to see the picture presented by Rev. M. R. Gonzales and George Sidles, Jr., and accepted by the official board of the church. They were the George Sidles family, the Peter Sidles family, Mrs. J. E. Condra, the Merrill Condra family, Miss Georgia Sidles and Miss Susie Sidles.

The Christmas program was given by Mrs. Paul Felkner and the choir, the children of the Sunday School and was under the direction of Mrs. Joe Beer, Mrs. James Felkner and Mrs. Tony Blozevich.

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