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The Pepper's Editor's Notes by Pete Sidles

Note: During the 1948-1949 school year, Pete Sidles of Jerome, served as editor of The Pepper - Official Publication of the Seymour Public School - which was published in The Seymour Herald. In each edition appeared an "Editor's Note" by Pete Sidles. Some examples from March 1949 follow.
The Pepper - 10 March 1949
Now that the basketball, as well as the football season, has been completed, it seems appropriate that the student body should congratulate the Warriors and Warriorettes for the impressive records they have turned up for this year. Without the constant guidance of the coaches and the unanimous cooperation of the athletic squads such a good record would not have been possible. A student with the ability of Lujack or McCauley could not have done his team as much good by himself as an ordinary student working with his fellow players.

The student boy extends it sincere congratulations and thanks to the players, coaches, managers and to everyone else including those who watched the teams bring victory more than one to Seymour fans. We also express our best wishes and good luck to the forthcoming baseball and track teams.
The Pepper - 24 March 1949
This year all indications point to a more interesting and elaborate school carnival than ever before. Plans are getting under way calling for a lavish display of talent, showmanship and ingenuity on the eve of April 1.

The ever-present committees, responding to the lash of the sponsor's whip, are industriously planning bigger and better concessions, side shows and other attractions. It is rumored that after the carnival, the sophomore boys presenting the Hawaiian south sea dance are going to quit school and turn professional. The juniors, richest class in school (temporarily), are going to apply in the carnival some of the money-making techniques that have made them famous. The seniors and the freshmen are very busy searching for ways of earning a new pennies with a minimum of labor.

The king and queen contest is now in full swing and everyone is urged to support his favorite candidate. A penny or an ear of corn will buy a vote.

The profit obtained from the carnival this year will go toward the purchase of additional new uniforms and playground equipment.
The Pepper - 31 March 1949
The S. H. S. library, one of the things which most people take for granted, has on its shelves most leading weekly and monthly magazines, recent as well as older classic books and sources of reference materials. While most students realize the opportunities for social relaxation, it is doubtful whether many know how to use the library to its fullest advantage.

To thumb through most books is to merely defeat the author's purpose. Of course, a book created only for enjoyment can entertain each reader at his own individual speed.

A knowledge of the use of the dictionary and encyclopedias is necessary before references are to be explained quickly and accurately.

Regular contacts with the magazines in the library will increase out ability to talk and think about current happenings. These events can be compared with the recorded past, studied in regular school work.

Unrestricted use of the library should, however, be extended to those students who have enough spare time in addition to their lessons to afford the reading of books. While it can serve as valuable addition to school life, the library can also be a diversion to students who use it unwisely.

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