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JEROME - 21 April 1947

The Seymour Herald - 24 April 1947
  Mrs. A. J. McWilliams and sons Ercil and Carlis of Janesville, Ia., spent last Sunday with their daughter and sister, Mrs. Paul Felkner.
  Mrs. Ida Mincks and Billy, Mr. and Richard Mincks and Mary Catherine spent Sunday in Ottumwa at the Frank D. Jones home.
  John Hickie is at home and recovering from an operation for appendicitis. He was at St. Joseph's hospital in Centerville for several days.
  Mr. and Mrs. Elihu Park have been spending several evenings with his brother Ramsay Park of Seymour who is ill in the St. Joseph hospital in Centerville.
  Mrs. Tony Blozevich and Mrs. Earl Fry will be hostesses to the W.S.C.S. Thursday, April 24. It will be a cooperative dinner. Mrs. J. M. Workman will lead devotions and Mrs. Wm. Clark has the lesson on Methodism in China.
  Miss Julia Bunetta purchased a small building owned by Robt. Hardy and moved it on the vacant lot east of the Hawkins store. She will move the Postoffice from the Hawkins store to this building.
  Quite a number from Jerome attended the operetta in Numa on April 17.
  Miss Kathryn Hawkins and Miss Susie Sidles visited Miss Jessie Wailes and Mrs. Victoria Morrison in Plano on Sunday p.m.
  Miss Norma Strange formerly of Chatsworth, Ill., has come to her home here and entered the Seymour high school.
  Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Wilson of Joliet, Ill., visited last Friday with their cousin, Miss Susie Sidles.

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