Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Deloris Rash - Senior of the Week

The Seymour Herald - 3 April 1947
The Pepper  
Official Newspaper of The Seymour Public Schools
Senior of the Week
  Our senior of the week is Deloris Rash, who was born March 7, 1929 in Jerome, Iowa.
  Deloris started her school days at Jerome and attended school there for eight years. She came to Seymour as a freshman. One older sister, Genevieve, who is now married, was a graduate with the class of '43.
  While at Seymour she has participated in the glee club, pep club, and for three years was a member of the basketball squad.
  Among her favorite pastimes is dancing and she likes football games. She also likes hearing Sammy Kaye's band and Andy Russell as the vocalist.
  Deloris is taking a commercial course this year, but hasn't made any definite plans for the immediate future.
  In case some of the fellows would like to know, Deloris stays at Mrs. W. B. Perkins, when she isn't helping her dad out on the farm.

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