Thursday, January 10, 2013

Selected Local News - 31 August 1893

The Seymour Press - 31 August 1893
  Hot baths reduced to 15 cents at Carson's barber shop.
  Oysters and prairie chickens are in order Friday, Sept. 1.
  Mrs.Nancy Wade, living near Plano, died Monday morning.
  Mrs. Minnie Butler and babe returned Friday to their home in Girard, Kansas.
  John Caldwell moved his household goods to Jerome, Monday, into his new dwelling just completed.
  A gang of dogs got into M. G. Cain's hog lot Monday night and chewed a 300 pound hot into frightful condition from which it will surely die.
  $7.25 to Chicago and $11.61 to Chicago and return via., Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway.  Return tickets good for 30 days.
   John, the one year and fourteen days old son of R. H. and Alice Miller, died last Thursday and was buried in the Jerome cemetery on Friday.
  Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. Nicodemus wish us thank the many friends of theirs who showed so much kindness, for the valuable aid rended during their late bereavement.

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