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Selected Local News - 3 May 1894

The Seymour Press - 3 May 1894
  Early potatoes, Beauty of Hebron and Lee's Favorite for sale by Dr. Dyball.
  Richard Yarnell and wife went down to Numa, Tuesday, for a short visit.
  Jasper Stevens was awarded the contract for the erection of the Jerome school house.
  Mrs. Dr. Dyball is on a visit for a few days to Mrs. M. M. Wilson, of Numa, the doctor's sister.
   A large number of cases of measles in Seymour are keeping the doctors very busy. All cases so far developed are very mild.
  Dan Bennett purchased to lots in the Bradley addition last week and as soon as the necessary arrangements can be made he will put up a house. Dan sold his property to Hiram Cates a week ago with the intention of leaving Seymour and going to Jerome but being unable to find a suitable location at that place, returned to Seymour and dropped anchor.
  The Oddfellows of this place celebrated the seventieth anniversary of their order last Thursday by giving a fruit supper to their families and themselves. Addresses were made by D. H. Kerby, M. W. Thomas, David Tharp, J. M. Odell and I. N. Tennant.  It was a most enjoyable gathering and the events of the evening made stronger the faith in those present in the fraternal benevolence and charitableness of the disciples of Oddfellowship.
  It is high time that some means were being taken by the proper authorities towards the restriction of the numerous vags who are pouring into our town every day.  The presence of this class of people has long since become a nuisance and the conduct of certain of them has, just recently, bordered very closely onto criminality. Nearly every morning for the past week we have heard of somebody's residence bing pillaged during the past night. A very common tale we hear is of some boy or young man being held up by a gang of from five to eight tramps who demand cigars, cigarettes, tobacco, etc., and who threaten violence if their demands are not satiated. Of these tramps are allowed to roam at will around our town at night, acting the part of highwaymen and making insulting demands of those whom they meet we need not be alarmed on hearing of some brutal outrage soon, such as many other towns in the state have experienced lately.  Under the present state of affairs it is absolutely unsafe for any lady to be out after the shade of night have fallen unless accompanied by a male escort and equally unsafe for a man to go unarmed after night. The time is ripe when some action should be taken in this matter as a means of personal safety to our citizens.
  On account of Ringling Bros. circus at Ottumwa, May 7th, the C. M. & St. P. R. will sell round trip excursion tickets at $2.00. Return coupon good until May 8th. J. W. Calvert agent.

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