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Big Doings in Coal Circles in the Jerome Territory

Semi=Weekly Iowegian - 28 February 1913
Big Joe People Get Big Four and New Mine
Will Have 200 Men Employed
Expect to Have Hundred Men in Big Four by April and 
New Mine Going by September with 200 Men in Both
  Big things are doing in the coal territory about Jerome. This was indicated in the Iowegian recently when the lease of 300 acres of coal land northeast of Jerome was announced. The  Big Joe people who have operated the mine at Gladstone, have now acquired possession of the Big Four mine at Jerome, and in addition will open up a new mine about a mine and a quarter from Jerome on the Milwaukee.  These will be principally for production of railroad coal andit is expectede that by fall 200 men will be employed. In anticipation of the coming increase in the coal industryand the addition of several hundred to to the population of Jerome, there is great business activity in that section and Jerome is looking forward to a big boom.
  The intention of the company is to have the water pumped out and the workings cleaned up in the Big Four which has been idle for the past two years. It has been kept in pretty fair condition during this time, but quite a bit of work will be done on it to pt it in good working order.  By April 1st or shortly after it is expected that 100 men will be at work in it getting out coal. The Big Four has about 500 acres of coal under lease, not much of which has been taken out. The top works will be put in good order, screens and new track scales made up to date, and everything made first class. New hopper scales will be put in also. The new mine is to be opened on the Burns farm and will be equipped with a steel tripple, self dumper, shaker screens and box car loader.  The shaft will be something out of the ordinary, being round and with a cement wall. The switch will be started about April 1 and as soon as in work will begin on the shaft.
  Robert Hunter, who has been the efficient sujperintendent of the Big Joe mine, will be superintendent of the Big Four and the new mine for the Big Joe coal comany, as well as continue the oversight of the mine at Gladstone. He will have offices in Jerome, in the John Woods building at the northeast corner of the square which was bought by Mr. Hunter and will be occupied by April 1. The company owns nine houses bought of the Big Four peoplo, and may move some houses from Glatstone later, but will not build any more houses it self.
  The companydoes not care to engage in the supply store business either and will transfer its Gladstone store to the Big Four supply store at Jerome March 1.  This Big Four store will continue under its former management.  Frank Gable is in charge. This store has been independent of mine management and will continue to be so.

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