Thursday, January 28, 2010

Knights of Pythias

The Weekly Citizen - 29 April 1871
  The order of the "Knights of Pythias" is becoming so widely spread and prosperous that the public have a remarkable curiosity to know some thing of its character and purposes.  The ritual was first written and the order worked during the war, as a bond of union between army soldiers. After the war closed it was re-written, modified, and thrown open to the people, and has spread rapidly, particularly in the last two years, and in the Eastern States. Its work and intent are very similar to those of the Masonic order. Founded on friendship, with the ... tale of Dainon and Pythias as their example, the members aim to relieve the suffering, ... the misfortunate, care for the sick, bury the dead and give sympathy and material aid to the widows and orphans of each other.
  For more information and history see the websites of The Order of the Knights of Pythias and the Pythian Sisters.

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