Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Refuses to Put Troops in Iowa Coal Fields

  From the New York Times of 27 August 1927:
Governor Hammill Tells Owners and Miners 
to End Trouble and Keep the Law.
  Des Moines, Iowa, Aug. 26 (AP). -- Governor John Hammill today urged the Iowa coal operators and miners to strive for a settlement of their differences, declaring that "the public is interested in a settlement and the miners need the employment and Iowa the industry."  The Governor for the third time refused a request of the operators to send State troops into the mine fields of Appanoose County to aid local officers in preserving order.
  Governor Hamill told the operators and miners that, "instead of talking about each other," they should "talk to each other," and arrive at a settlement of their differences.
  The Governor denied the request for troops on the ground that the situation in Appanoose County did not warrant such a course.  He reached the conclusion at the end of a conference with operators, miner's union officers and the civil officials of Appanoose County.
  The Governor warned the operators and the miners that "law must prevail," and directed the Sheriff of Appanoose County to "take all necessary steps to preserve order and protect the lives and property of the citizens."
  He specifically directed the Sheriff to protect the men who are employed on the $5 a day wage schedule and to see that no property is destroyed. 

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