Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Iowa News in the Milwaukee Daily Sentinel

  In the late 1800s, the Milwaukee Daily Sentinal regularly ran a series of news briefs from Iowa and other Midwestern states.  Below are some examples related to Appanoose County or Iowa.
  8 October 1869 -- The Moulton Independent (Appanoose county) says a man named Cross was killed at Ormanville between Drakesville and Ottumwa, by falling on a circular saw.  He was literally cut to pieces. 
  15 December 1869 -- Moulton, Appanoose county, is a candidate for the location of the national capital.  -- A man in Chariton has quit chewing tobacco after using the weed for fifty-two years.  -- There are two hundred and sixteen newspapers in Iowa, of which one hundred and forty-seven are Republican, thirty-nine Democratic, thirty-two neutral or unknown, and eight others variously classed. 
  9 February 1870 -- The hog cholera is raging in Appanoose county. -- More than seven millions of acres of land have been granted by the state of Iowa to railroads.  This is about one-fifth of the acres of land in the entire state. 
  30 March 1871 -- A dry goods store owned by Mr. Woodbridge, at Moulton, Appanoose county, was destroyed by fire on the 22d instant; loss $5,000.
  23 January 1872 -- Coal enough underlies Appanoose county to supply the present 240,000 families in Iowa with two hundred bushels to each family, each year, for over six hundred years.
  16 August 1872 -- A post office at Orleans, Appanoose county, was robbed last Tuesday night.
  3 July 1873 -- The prospect for abundant crops of all kinds is the best that has ever been seen in Appanoose county.
  14 August 1873 -- The Appanoose county wheat crop will average twenty bushels to the acre. To show the difference between the grain crops of two years in Floyd county, the Charles City Intelligencer states that one man last year had 1,200 bushels of wheat and on the same ground this season, his crop will not fall short of 4,000 bushels. 

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