Monday, January 5, 2009

The Battle of Massard Prairie - Casualties

  Dale Cox [with William Cox, Editor]  recently published a new history The Battle of Massard Prairie: The 1864 Confederate Attacks on Fort Smith, Arkansas [Bascom, FL: William Cox, Publisher, 2008].

  While assembling the book, Dale Cox compiled a list of the casualties suffered by the Sixth Kansas Cavalry during the battle of Massard Prairie and posted them, 16 May 2008, on the Kansas in the Civil War Message Board.  For Company B in which many Appanoose County volunteers served, he identified the following casualties:
  Killed:  Corp. Thomas L. McCauley, John Parker and Joshua B. Zents.
  Mortally Wounded:  George W. Rinker and Benjamin C. Wallace.
  Wounded:  1st Lt. Jacob Morehead, Sgt. James H. Asher, Corp. Calvin R. Jackson, Antoine Furtmire, Marion Hinton, Edwin Jackson, David P. McDonald and Edwin Parker.
  Captured:  Sgt. Noah Scott, Sgt. Addison Pendergast, Sgt. John W. Miller, Sgt. Cyrus M. Teater, Corp. Peter Sidles, Corp. David P. McDonald, Corp. Oliver C. Rinker, Corp. Thomas C. Harrison, David H. Allen, Sylvester Buck, Cyrus Boston, Thomas Hamlin, Alexander Jackson, Edward T. Jennings, Adam Kiser, Enoch Manning, William J. Manning, George R. Root, Elmore Strickland, John O. Wood, David S. Clark, John Cox, Benjamin F. Davis, Thomas Haslett, Jefferson Kenedy, John O. Wood, Donald McDonald, Edward R. Arrison, Samuel J. Bellvail, Arthur Gillman, John W. Goldsberry, Andrew Humphrey, William T. Hercules, George McGuire, Allison W. Orill, Matthew Paite, David Paite, George W. Ross and Josiah Roy. 

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