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John G. Crist & Mary Ann Coffman

  John G. Crist was born in Delaware, Pennsylvania, 28 October 1819, son of John and Mary Crist, died in Appanoose County, Iowa, in 1904, and was buried in the Jerome Cemetery [Row 7].  He married in Union County, Indiana, 20 February 1842, Mary Ann Coffman, who was born 22 October 1823 in Indiana, died 2 November 1903 in Iowa, and was buried in the Jerome Cemetery [Row 7]. 
  John G. Crist served as a Private of Captain George W. Backus, Company B, 87th Regiment of Indiana Infantry Volunteers from 6 August 1862 to 28 August 1864 when he was discharged at Madison IN by reason of surgeons certificate of disability.  His Discharge is registered in Appanoose, County, Iowa, and states that "John G. Crist was born in Northumberland in the State of Pennsylvania, is 30 years of age, five feet seven 1/2 inches high, light complexion, blue eyes, light hair, and by occupation, when enrolled, a carpenter."  At time of Induction, he lived in Star City IN. He filed for a Civil War Pension on 5 May 1864 [Application #45063; Certificate #359553] His widow filed for a Pension on 11 November 1904 [Application #816540; Certificate # 585271].
  John G. Crist's Estate Probate, administered by J. R. Bradley, filed 10/7/1904, Book 6, Page 284, Probate # 2616.0, Roll 43, Frame 3796, Box 76, in Appanoose County, Iowa.
  Mary A. Crist's Estate Probate, administered by C. R. Noble, filed 12/12/1905, Book 7, Page 104, Probate #2753.0, Roll 46, Frame 976, Box 80, in Appanoose County, Iowa.
1.  Sarah Elizabeth Crist, born c1846 in Indiana, married John Emerson.
2.  Isaac Crist, born c1847 in Indiana.
3.  Alfred Crist, born c1849 in Indiana.
4.  John C. "Ray" Crist, born 28 February 1853 in Indiana, married in Appanoose County, Iowa, 24 December 1874, Mary Elizabeth Criswell, daughter of John Vance Criswell and Mary Ann Brannen, who was born 21 March 1855 in Belmont County, Ohio, died 1 June 1927 in Seymour, Iowa, and was buried in Southlawn Cemetery in Seymour, Wayne County, Iowa [Section 1, Row 4.38; her gravestone is inscribed "Mother, Mary E. Crist, 1855-1927].  Children:  (a) William Ray Crist, born 3 May 1883 in Iowa, died 4 May 1869 in Iowa, married 8 April 1908 Hilda May Yarnell; both are buried in Southlawn Cemetery, Seymour, Iowa [Section 1, Row 4.39] - their gravestone is engraved "Crist, Ray 1883-1969, May 1887-1965;  (b) Edmond Clyde Crist, born 30 April 1885 in Nebraska, died 20 July 1970 in Kansas, married 21 November 1911 in Kansas Margaret Elizabeth Becker; and (c) Bert Evert Crist, born 26 August 1887 in Nebraska, died Decembe 1967 in Arizona, and married 13 April 1914 Sadie P. Freeborn.
5.  Mary A. Crist, born c1854 in Indiana.
6.  Emily A. Crist, born c1858 in Indiana.
7.  William Crist, born c1861 in Indiana.
8.  Minnie E. Crist, born 1865 in Indiana, married Lewis J. Norris, son of Jacob Norris and Mary J. Abbott, died 1947, buried in the Jerome Cemetery, Appanoose County, Iowa 
Biographical and Genealogical History of Appanoose and Monroe Counties, Iowa, compiled under the editorial supervision of S. Thompson Lewis.   [New York & Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1903], pages 444-445.  Digitized 24 January 2008 by the Google Book Project.

  The above named, who is now leading a retired life at his home near Jerome, has been a resident of Appanoose county for thirty-three years. Previously he had lived many years in Indiana, where his parents brought him in what the historians call an "early day," and thus Mr. Crist has been familiar with life in the west for the full period allowed by the psalmist as the limit of human existence. Though his career has not been especially adventurous,  Mr. Crist has seen much and can tell many interesting stories of his experiences of what used to be called "the far west," but which is now in the very center of civilization.
  son of John and Mary Crist, he was born at Delaware, Pennsylvania, October 28, 1819. When he was still a lad his parents left their native state and located in Franklin county, Indiana, where they spent the remainder of their days. Though not members of any church, they were believers in the truths of the gospel, often attended divine services and instructed their offspring in the fundamental truths of Christianity.  Of their eight children the four now living are John G., Isaac, Allison and Margaret. 
  Mr. Crist grew up in Indiana, where he got some education by irregular attendance at the country schools, and when the Civil war came on he enlisted in Company B, Eighty-Seventh Indiana Volunteer Infantry, with which he served loyally until injury from a fall while marching compelled his discharge for disability, after twenty-one months in the army.
  In 1869 he left Indiana for Iowa, and upon arrival took up his abode on a farm in Appanoose county, near Jerome, which has ever since been his abiding place. In 1849 Mr. Crist was married in Indiana and has eight children : John, Isaac, Alfred, Sarah Elizabeth, Emily, Mary, William and Minnie. The parents are members of the Baptist church and the whole family are among the most respected residents of the neighborhood around Jerome.


History of Appanoose County, Iowa  [Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1878], page 611:

CRIST, JOHN G., far., S. 1 ; P. 0. Numa; born in Delaware Co., Penn., Oct. 28, 1819; located here in 1870 ; 120 acres of land, valued at 825 per acre. He is a member of the Baptist Church and a Republican. His wife, Mary Ann Coffman, was born in Indiana Oct. 22, 1823 ; married Feb. 20, 1845 ; their chldren's names are Sarah Elizabeth, Isaac, Alfred, John, Mary Ann, Emma A, William A. and Minnie E. 


Census Records Related to John G. Crist's Family 

--1850 Federal Census, Indian Creek, Pulaski County, Indiana, Roll: M432_166, Page 337, Image 340 on  John G. Crist, 29, born PA, farmer; Mary A. Crist, 22, born IN; Sarah E. Crist, 5, born IN; Isaac Crist, 2, born IN; Alfred Crist, 1, born IN.
--1860 Federal Census, Indian Creek, Pulaski County, Indiana, Roll: M653_290, Page 1091, Image 566 on  John G. Crist, 46, born PA, farmer, Real Estate Value: $2000; Personal Property Value: $400; Mary A. Crist, 35, born IN; Sarah E. Crist, 14, born IN; Isaac Crist, 13, born IN; Alfred Crist, 11, born IN; John Crist, 7, born IN; Mary A. Crist, 6, born IN; Emily A. Crist, 2, born IN. 
--1870 Federal Census, North, Marshall County, Indiana, Roll: M593_342, Page 156, Image 312 on  John I. Christ, 51, born PA, farmer; Mary A. Christ, 46, born IN; Alfred Christ, 22, born IN; C. John Christ, 17, born IN; Mary A. Christ, 15, born IN; Emily Christ, 13, born IN; William A. Christ, 9, born IN; Minnie E. Christ, 5, born IN.
--1880 Federal Census, Lincoln Township, Appanoose County, Iowa, Roll: T9_326, Family History Film: 1254326, Page 496.3000, Enumberation District 16, Image 0072 on  J. G. Crist, 61, born PA, Farmer; Mary A. Crist, wife, 56, born IN; Keeping House; William Crist, son, 19, born IN, Farmer; Minnie Crist, dau, 14, born IN, At Home.
--1885 Iowa State Census on  Township 68, Range 19, Section 2, NW SW - John G. Crist, 65, born PA, farmer; Mary A. Crist, 61, born IN; William A. Crist, 23, born IN, farmer; Minnie E. Crist, 19, born IN. 
--1895 Iowa State Census on  Lincoln Township, Appanoose County, Iowa - John G. Crist, 75, born PA, Carpenter, Baptist, Civil War Service: Company B, 87th Regiment, Indiana Infantry; Mary A. Crist, 71, born IN, Baptist.  Next House: Lewis J. Norris, 31, born Davis County IA, farmer, Methodist; Minnie N. Norris, 29, born IN, Methodist.
--1895 Iowa State Census on  Walnut Township, Wayne County, Iowa - John Emerson, 52, born IN, Farmer; Sarrah E. Emerson, 51, born IN, Keeping House, Christian.
--1900 Federal Census, Lincoln Township, Appanoose County, Iowa, Roll: T623_416, Page 3 on  John G. Crist, Head, 78, born PA Oct 1821, married 58 years, farmer; Mary A. Crist, wife, 76, born IN Oct 1923, married 58 years, 8 children, 6 living; John Emerson, son-in-law, 58, born IN Mar 1842, farm laborer; Elizabeth Emerson, wife, 55, born IN Oct 1844, No children.
--1910 Federal Census, Polk Township, Marshall County, Indiana, Roll: T624_370, Page 6B, Enumeration District 111, Image 384 on  John Emerson, Head, 67, born IN, farmer; Sarah E. Emerson, wife, 65, born IN. 
--1930 Federal Census, Lincoln Township, Appanoose County, Iowa, Roll: 641, Page 2A, Enumeration District 17, Image 330.0 on  Lewis J. Norris, 66, born IA, farmer; Minnie E. [Crist] Norris, 64, born IN; Sarah E. [Crist] Emerson, 85, born IN. 

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Land Given as 1812 War Grants Acquired by John V. Criswell in January 1856

From newspaper clipping Appanoose County Land Given As 1812 War Grants to Soldier Widows in Early Pioneer Stories published by Appanoose County Genealogy Society, Centerville, IA 52544: 

  Copy of paper signed by President Franklin Pierce by which the widow of a soldier of gthe war of 1812 acquired title to land in Appanoose county, Franklin township.

  The United States of America
To All to Whom these Presents shall come, Greeting
  Whereas in purauance of the act of Congress approved Sept. 28, 1850, entitled "An Act Granting Bounty Land to Certain Officers and Soldiers who have been engaged in the Military Service of the United States, Warrant No. 45,602. for 80 acres, issued in favor of Susan Sailing, widow of Daniel Sailing, private, Captain Patterson's company, Pennsylvania Militia, War of 1812, has been returned to the General Land Office with evidence that same has been duly located upon the NE quarter of the NW quarter of Sec. 14 and the SE quarter of the SW quarter of Sec. 11 in Twp. 68, North of Range 19, west in the district of lands subject to sale at Chariton, Iowa, containing eighty acres, according to the Official Plat of the Survey of sand land returned to the General Land Office, by the Surveyor General, which has been assigned to John V. Criswell.
  Now know ye, that there is granted by the United States unto the said John V. Criswell the tract of land above described, to have and to hold the said tract of land, with appurienances thereof, unto the said John V. Criswell and his heirs and assigns forever. 
  In testimony whereof, I, Franklin Pierce, President of the United States of America, have caused these letters to be made patent, and the seal of the General Land Office to be hereunto affixed.
  Given under my hand at the City of Washington the tenth of March, in the year of our Lord 1854 and of the Independence of the United States the 78th.
  By the President, Franklin Pierce.
  By M. O. H. Wheeler, Asst. Secretary M. Granger, Recorder of the General Land Office.
  Another grant came through Judith Mullins, widow of --- Mullins, Virginia Militia in the war of 1812, the land acquired by Mr. Criswell.
  A grant, Certificate 582, dated May 1, 1855, was based on the provisions of the Act of Congress of April 24, 1820, "An Act, making further provision for the sale of public lands."
  A grant dated June 10, 1856 was Certificate No. 11554.
  These grants constituted the 290 acres on which the total taxes paid in 1856 amounted to $8.71, the following being a copy of the tax receipt:
Appanoose County Tax Receipt - January 1856
  State of Iowa, Appanoose County, S. S.
  Received of John V. Criswell, Eight dollars and 71 cents, being the amount of gtaxes due the county of Appanoose for state, county, road and school purposes for the year 1855, on personal property and the following real estate:  NW 1-4 and NE SE and SW NE 1-4 and E SE 1-4 NW 1-4, Sec. 11, Twp. 68, R. 19, 290 acres. 
  A. C. Morrison, Treasurer, Appanoose County.

  These papers are the property of a grandson, Roy Crisp, Seymour and contributed by Mrs. Ruth Wilson. 

James Hagan & Elizabeth Burch Criswell

  James Hagan was born in Hamilton County, Ohio, 23 February 1825, the son of John Hagan and Elizabeth Glasbie, died 20 July 1903 in Jerome, Appanoose County, Iowa, and was buried in the Jerome Cemetery.  He married, in Appanoose County, Iowa, 2 August 1855, Elizabeth Burch Criswell, who was born 17 May 1833 in Marshall County, West Virginia, died 23 October 1905 in Jerome, Appanoose County, Iowa, and was buried in the Jerome Cemetery, daughter of John Criswell and Rebecca Kilgore.

Children of James Hagan and Elizabeth Burch Criswell, all born in
Appanoose County, Iowa: 
1.  Mary Belle Hagan, born 17 October 1956 in Lincoln Township, married 11 October 1885 in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, William Franklin Hawkins, died 19 April 1917 in Jerome, Appanoose County, Iowa, and was buried in the Jerome Cemetery.
2.  William Addison Hagan, born 6 January 1858 in Bellair Township, died 20 January 1937 in Jerome, Appanoose County, Iowa, and was buried in the Jerome Cemetery.  He never married.
3.  Ada Rebecca Hagan, born 25 August 1859 in Lincoln Township, married 13 October 1880 in Jerome, Appanoose County, Iowa, Wiley S. Crouch, died 28 May 1938 in Kalispell, Flathead County, Montana, and was buried in the Jerome Cemetery.
4.  John Franklin Hagan, born 5 December 1863 in Jerome, Lincoln Township, died 1 May 1930 from a fractured skull caused from a fallen clod accident while working in Coal Mine N82 in Sawyerville, Illinois, and was buried in the Jerome Cemetery.  He never married.
5.  Emma Elizabeth Hagan, born 25 January 1866 in Lincoln Township, married 2 August 1900 in Appanoose County, Iowa, William Turner Ogle, died 16 May 1957 in Centerville, Appanoose County, Iowa, and was buried in the Jerome Cemetery.
6.  Caroline Criswell Hagan, born 12 January 1868 in Lincoln Township, died 21 June 1885, and was buried in the Jerome Cemetery.
Biographical article from Biographical and Genealogical History of Appanoose and Monroe Counties, Iowa, compiled under the editorial supervision of S. Thompson Lewis.   [New York & Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1903], pages 453-454.  Digitized 24 January 2008 by the Google Book Project.
  James Hagan is one of the old residents of Appanoose county and derives from his Irish father many of the characteristics of that race, which have undoubtedly been a considerable factor in his successful career throughout the many years of his life.
  His father was John
 Hagan and was a native of Dublin county, Ireland. He came to America when four years old; his parents first located in Princeton, New Jersey, and later removed to Warren county, Ohio. John Hagan became a ship carpenter and weaver by trade and was engaged in this occupation most of his life. His wife was Elizabeth Glasbie, who was a native of Virginia and went to Warren county with her parents, where she met and married Mr. Hagan. Shortly after their marriage they removed to Hamilton county, Ohio, but later returned to Warren county, where Mr. Hagan died in 1833. His wife continued the weaving business and remained on the farm until 1840. She died in 1845.
  James Hagan was the son of the above parents and was born in Hamilton county, Ohio, near Cincinnati, on the 23d of February, 1825.  He was reared principally by his mother and learned the coopering trade, which he followed in Clinton county, Ohio, up to 1848. In 1852 he became a resident of Illinois, and the following year removed to Council Bluffs, Iowa, where he remained only a short time. In the latter part of 1853 he returned to his native state of Ohio and engaged in the coopering business.
  In October, 1854, in company with Peter Sidles, he came to Appanoose county and located in Lincoln township. The next year he was married and began married life on a farm in Lincoln township. Shortly afterward he removed to Bellair township, lived one year at Numa and then returned to Lincoln township. He continued farming until 1870, when he came to Jerome and occupied his present nice home. He gave up the active duties of the farm when his sons were able to take charge. Mr. Hagan was also a carpenter by trade and followed that pursuit for several years.
  On August 2, 1855, Mr. Hagan was united in marriage to Elizabeth B. Criswell, daughter of John and Rebecca (Kilgore) Criswell. Of the six children born to them five are living: Mrs. Ada Crouch, Mrs. Mary Belle Hawkins, William A., Mrs. Emma Ogle and John.
  Mr. Hagan is the oldest Mason in Seymour Lodge, having been a member fifty-three years.  He is also a member of the Methodist church.

OBITUARY from an unidentified newspaper clipping found among family records:
  Death occured at the Home in Jerome, Monday at about 8 p.m.
  Jas. Hagan of Jerome, mention of whose serious illness was made in these columns last Friday, died at his home in Jerome on Monday evening, July 20, at near 8 o'clock.
  Deceased was one of the oldest and most highly respected citizens of Appanoose county, where he had lived to a ripe old age.  He has been ailing more or less for the past several years, being confined to his bed at different brief intervals.
  Mr. Hagan was an honorable upright gentleman, and a man in whom everyone had the greatest confidence.
  He was an honored member of the Masonic order, holding his membership in the lodge at Seymour, the members of which order will have charge of the funeral services which will be held in Jerome at 3:00 o'clock today.

Gravestone of James Hagan & Elizabeth Burch Criswell in Jerome Cemetery
OBITUARY from an unidentified newspaper clipping found among family records:
  Mystic Letter - James Hagan, of Jerome, whose serious illness was mentioned by The Letter's Jerome correspondent last week, died on Monday of this week. Mr. Hagan was ...resident of Lincoln township and has been a valued and useful citizen.  He was postmaster at Jerome during Cleveland's administration. Mr. Hagan was well along in years but his exact age is not known at this office.
  He was a prominent Mason, begin a member of the lodge at Seymour.  The funeral services were held at Jerome at 3:00 p.m. Tuesday."
From an unidentified newspaper clipping found among family records:
  At a special communication of Myrtle Lodge No. 355 A. F. and A. M. the following preamble and resolutions were authorized:
  Whereas, The Alwise and Supreme Architect of the Universe has seen fit to call from our midst our late brother, James Hagan; and,
  Whereas, The long years and intimate relations held by our beloved brother with the members of this lodge render it right and proper that we place on record our appreciation of his services as a Mason and his many excellent qualities as a man:  Therefore be it
  Resolved, By Myrtle Lodge No. 355 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, that, while we bow in humble submission to the mandate of the Most High, we do not the less mourn for our brother who has been called from his labor to rest.
  Resolved, That in the death of James Hagan this lodge looses a brother who was active and zealous in his work as a Mason when Lodges were in their infacy in Iowa; he was ever ready to extend a helping hand to the needy and afflicted of the fraternity; and in his more active years was prompt to advance the interests of the order; devoted to its welfare and prosperity; one whose wise council was sought; who was active and fearless in the right, an honest and upright man, whose virtues endeared him not only to his breatheren of the order, but to all of his fellow citizens as well.
  Resolved, That this Lodge tender its heart felt sympathies to the family and relatives of our deceased brother in their sad affliction,
  Resolved, That these resolutions be entered on the minutes of this Lodge, and a copy of them be sent to the city papers for publication.
      J. C. Fox      C. A. Conger
From Funeral Card:  Our Dear Father, JAMES HAGAN, born Feb. 23, 1825.  Died July 20,1903.  Age 78 yrs. 4 mos. 27 days.