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Land Given as 1812 War Grants Acquired by John V. Criswell in January 1856

From newspaper clipping Appanoose County Land Given As 1812 War Grants to Soldier Widows in Early Pioneer Stories published by Appanoose County Genealogy Society, Centerville, IA 52544: 

  Copy of paper signed by President Franklin Pierce by which the widow of a soldier of gthe war of 1812 acquired title to land in Appanoose county, Franklin township.

  The United States of America
To All to Whom these Presents shall come, Greeting
  Whereas in purauance of the act of Congress approved Sept. 28, 1850, entitled "An Act Granting Bounty Land to Certain Officers and Soldiers who have been engaged in the Military Service of the United States, Warrant No. 45,602. for 80 acres, issued in favor of Susan Sailing, widow of Daniel Sailing, private, Captain Patterson's company, Pennsylvania Militia, War of 1812, has been returned to the General Land Office with evidence that same has been duly located upon the NE quarter of the NW quarter of Sec. 14 and the SE quarter of the SW quarter of Sec. 11 in Twp. 68, North of Range 19, west in the district of lands subject to sale at Chariton, Iowa, containing eighty acres, according to the Official Plat of the Survey of sand land returned to the General Land Office, by the Surveyor General, which has been assigned to John V. Criswell.
  Now know ye, that there is granted by the United States unto the said John V. Criswell the tract of land above described, to have and to hold the said tract of land, with appurienances thereof, unto the said John V. Criswell and his heirs and assigns forever. 
  In testimony whereof, I, Franklin Pierce, President of the United States of America, have caused these letters to be made patent, and the seal of the General Land Office to be hereunto affixed.
  Given under my hand at the City of Washington the tenth of March, in the year of our Lord 1854 and of the Independence of the United States the 78th.
  By the President, Franklin Pierce.
  By M. O. H. Wheeler, Asst. Secretary M. Granger, Recorder of the General Land Office.
  Another grant came through Judith Mullins, widow of --- Mullins, Virginia Militia in the war of 1812, the land acquired by Mr. Criswell.
  A grant, Certificate 582, dated May 1, 1855, was based on the provisions of the Act of Congress of April 24, 1820, "An Act, making further provision for the sale of public lands."
  A grant dated June 10, 1856 was Certificate No. 11554.
  These grants constituted the 290 acres on which the total taxes paid in 1856 amounted to $8.71, the following being a copy of the tax receipt:
Appanoose County Tax Receipt - January 1856
  State of Iowa, Appanoose County, S. S.
  Received of John V. Criswell, Eight dollars and 71 cents, being the amount of gtaxes due the county of Appanoose for state, county, road and school purposes for the year 1855, on personal property and the following real estate:  NW 1-4 and NE SE and SW NE 1-4 and E SE 1-4 NW 1-4, Sec. 11, Twp. 68, R. 19, 290 acres. 
  A. C. Morrison, Treasurer, Appanoose County.

  These papers are the property of a grandson, Roy Crisp, Seymour and contributed by Mrs. Ruth Wilson. 

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