Friday, November 28, 2008

The Weekly Citizen - March 18, 1871

  Jerome Items -- A new frame school house has been built at Jerome and the Methodists hold services in it every Sunday. --Henry Wilson, the good blacksmith of that place, is also postmaster. --J. M. Crouch has opened a blacksmith shop about one mile west of Jerome. --Peter Sidles has built a good bank barn.
  The new town laid out at the depot of the C. & S. W. at Bellair by Hudson & Harvey, is called Numa. The people of Bellair, we are informed, desire to have the name of that place changed to Numa, so as to conform with the name of the postoffice, thereby preventing mistakes in mail delivery, as Johnson county, this state, has a postoffice called Bellair.
  The school in district No. 6, Lincoln township, will close on Friday, March 24th, after 8th month session. J. H. Horner is the teacher.  The last two days will be devoted to examinations.  All are invited.
  The house of Calvin Moon, in Walnut township, was destroyed by fire on Saturday last, together with the contents.  This is a severe blow to Mr. Moon, who lost everything he had, leaving himself, wife and eight children in a distitude condition. 
  During the storm last week, Wednesday, the roof of Mrs. Dooley's house, in Lincoln township, was blown off.  A number of trees and shrubberies were prostrated. 

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