Friday, November 28, 2008

Centerville Citizen - March 15, 1873

Jerome, Iowa, March 6th, 1873
 Editor Citizen -- Thinking that a few items from this part of the county would be of interest to many readers, I will try to select a few.
  Jerome is a very lively place, the people are wide-awake, business men, alive, not only to their own welfare, but to the general interests of the county.  Rev. A. K. Jones has been holding a revival meeting at the M.E. Church. He appears to be one of those good social men, whom it does a man good to meet.  Although quite young, he is one of the most eloquent ministers in the county. The people here are beginning to realize the fact that they can get coal cheaper than to haul it five or six miles. Several shafts are being sunk in this vicinity, among which are those of Mr. P. Sidles and Mr. S. Morris, a short distance north of the village.  What needed most here is a good store. Some of the merchants of Centerville would do well to start a branch store here.   G. Rome

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