Friday, August 5, 2016

Chester Allen Coulson, 1880-1897

Centerville Daily Citizen - 19 July 1897
A Son of Samuel Coulson 
Meets Death Near Jerome
The Unfortunate Young Man 
Seized With a Cramp and Sinks
Beneath the Water’s Surface to Rise No More
A Companion Gives the Alarm 
Life Extinct When Body is Found
  A pond on the Felkner farm in Johns township, west of the city about eight miles, was the scene of a drowning late yesterday afternoon, in which the son of Samuel Coulson met his death.  Young Coulson [Chester Allen Coulson], aged about 18, and a companion were in bathing. The pond at the deepest place does not contain over eight feet of water.  Coulson was wading out toward the center of the pool when he suddenly sank below the surface. He had made no outcry and his companion, who was not far away, thought he had made a dive.  He waited for his re-appearance and a the seconds passed without his coming to the surface, he became alarmed. His fright increased almost to a frenzy as the moments slipped by and then he hurried to the farm house and gave the alarm.  A raft was constructed and search for the body began.  It was some time before it was located and brought to the surface. Examination showed that every spark of life was extinct.  The remains were taken home and the funeral was held this afternoon at 3 o’clock, interment being in the Philadelphia church yard. Drowning was without doubt due to a cramp. After the disappearance under the waves the body never came to the surface.
  Mr. and Mrs. Coulson have a wide circle of friends who will be sorry to learn of their bereavement.
  Chester Allen Coulson was born on December 14, 1880, the son of Samuel and Vashti (Shaeffer) Coulson, and drowned on July 18, 1897 in a pond on the Felkner farm in Johns Township, Appanoose County, Iowa.  He was buried in Philadelphia Cemetery in Johns Township.

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