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  The Jerome Journal is undertaking the digitization of the available historic newspapers of Seymour, including The Seymour Press (1890-1905), The Seymour Leader (1904-1906 & 1918), The Seymour Democrat (1906-1919), and The Seymour Herald (1918-Present). 
  The digitization project will use already microfilmed newspapers published prior to 2006, plus new microfilm of recent copies of The Seymour Herald published in 2006 through 2011. The 50 reels of microfilm will be scanned into an electronic database and made searchable with key words, phrases, or dates. The database will be available on the Internet in January 2012, without charge, to all researchers with Internet access.
  Persons who will benefit include family and local historians and students looking for specific information about Seymour and the surrounding area in Wayne and Appanoose counties.  This searchable newspaper archive will include  all the articles, photos, birth announcements, engagement and wedding announcements  obituaries, and advertisements, including The Pepper [the Seymour School newspaper], published in these historic Seymour newspapers.
A digitized copy of The Seymour Leader
published 18 May 1916
  Advantages over the current use of the microfilm at the Seymour Community Library and other libraries and museums will be: (1) ability to search all editions of the newspapers over 130 years with key words, names, places, organizations, churches, and businesses, (2) ability to print articles of interest when found, (3) availability from any computer with Internet access for those unable to visit a library or museum with copies of the existing microfilms.
  The digitization of the newspapers will be done by The Advantage Companies of Cedar Rapids which does similar work for the Iowa State Historical Society, including the safe storage of the ISHS collection of Iowa newspapers. Advantage will also develop, host and maintain the website on which the Seymour newspapers will be available. Advantage is also currently working with the Appanoose County Historical Society on the digitization of the available Centerville historic newspapers.
  The Jerome Journal is seeking $3,000.00 in gifts toward the project. Bill Hawkins, editor/publisher of The Jerome Journal, will match every gift of $100.00 or more from individuals, businesses or organizations up to a total of $3,000 for gifts made before November 30, 2011. These combined gifts will provide the $5,300.00 needed to complete the newspaper project. If more funds are contributed, the additional gifts will be used to digitize additional records, documents and publications related to family and local history of the Jerome-Seymour area.
  Donations, payable to "The Jerome Journal," can be sent to:
        Attn: Bill Hawkins
        The Jerome Journal
        2909 Hemlock Farms
        Lords Valley, PA 18428-9034
A digitized copy of The Seymour Herald
published 1 January 1953
  The above Seymour Herald includes one of the weekly Jerome columns written by Miss Susie Sidles for over 25 years (over 1000 articles) which provide extensive information on families and organizations of the Jerome area.  Several other weekly neighborhood columns appeared in the Seymour newspapers over the years. A wonderful resource for family and local historians.
  If you have any questions about the project, please contact Bill Hawkins by phone at 570-775-7660 or by email at 
  Download The Seymour Herald article and the two samples shown above from: The Seymour Herald - 6 October 2011.

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