Saturday, October 1, 2011

American Legion Post #180's Veterans' Records

  The Seymour Community Library has a copy of the notebook compiled by the American Legion Post #180 in Seymour which contains Veteran's Records, Iowa Veteran Grave Registration Forms and, in some cases, obituaries and/or other newspaper clippings related to veterans.  The notebook also contains an Every Name Index to Veteran Records & Veterans' Grave Registration Records. The index contains the names of the primary veterans for whom there are records in the notebook AND all other names that appear on the forms and/or newspaper clippings.  Thus, for the persons identified in the Index there may be extensive information; but also the person in the Index may only be to a minor reference such as those mentioned in obituaries (i.e. pallbearers, flower girls, soloists, etc.). 
  The Seymour Community Library permitted me to have a copy made of the notebook for research purposes related to the Seymour-Jerome area.  Persons may check the Every Name Index to Veteran Records & Veterans' Grave Registration Records for names they are researching.  Anyone finding a person of interest may contact me for a copy of the related pages of the Notebook. 
  If you want a copy of any pages, please email me [] and give me the name of the person and the pages identified in the Index for that person and I will attempt to provide you with a copy of those pages either directly or through a posting on The Jerome Journal.
  Please take a look at the three pages related to Loren Webster Van Dorn Veteran's Notebook [Pages 192-194] which contain a Veteran's Record, an Iowa Grave Registration Form and obituary to get an idea of the information which might be available for a veteran.

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