Saturday, July 2, 2011

SHS Class of 1946 - 65th Reunion in 2011

  The Seymour High School Class of 1946 held their 65th Reunion at the SHS Alumni Banquet on May 28, 2011.  Twenty-three students graduated in 1946 from SHS as shown above in their class picture.  Fifteen members of the class are deceased.  Of the eight living members of the class, four attended the Reunion and also enjoyed fellowship on Friday evening over dinner at the Continental Hotel in Centerville.  The four members attending are pictured below from left to right: Quentin DeVore, Newton, Iowa; Phyllis Hawkins Cain, Papillion, Nebraska; Jean Whitmore Ray, East Moline, Illinois; and Raymond Shubat, Kissimmee, Florida.  Phyllis Hawkins Cain, daughter of William Earl Hawkins and Lora Geneva Patrick, was born in Jerome, attended the Jerome School through ninth grade and attended Seymour High School for three years, graduating in 1946.
  The other four living members of the Class of 1946 are Dorothy Gilmore Bankston, Bonnie Smith Young, and H. Ray Mabee who all live in California; and Marjorie Van Dyne Snyder who lives in Granger, Iowa.
  The editor sincerely appreciates the contribution of the above pictures and information to The Jerome Journal by Phyllis Hawkins Cain of Papillion, NE.

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