Monday, July 25, 2011

Franklin Baptist Church Open House Well Attended

Seymour Herald - 14 July 2011
  A large number of persons attended the open house at the Franklin Baptist Church of Livingston in Franklin Township, Appanoose County, IA, Sunday afternoon, July 10.
  The church has recently been renovated and restored using as much of the original church as was possible with era specific renovation where needed.
  During removal of the old floor covering, the original baptistery was discovered and was opened for display during the open house. The bell, which is housed in the bell tower, was rung at the beginning of the event. The pews used in the building were gifts from the Numa Christian Church when it closed several years ago. Gifts of a 1913 era pump reed organ and a communion table which were used in the 1860s Heartland Church from north of Ottumwa were given by Richard and Faye Mullenix of Red Oak. The Mullenixes were present at the open house. Mrs. Mullenix played hymns on the organ during the afternoon and at times accomanied her husband and Don and Art Bryant as they sang.
  Plans are for the building to be used for church activities and other events in the future.

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