Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Felkner & Stone Generosity to Miners

Moulton Tribune - 9 February 1894
  The miners of this place (better known as Gladstone) have been in a starving condition for the past week on account of not enough work to keep soul and body together, so yesterday Mr. John Felkner, a rich farmer living close to this place made a proposition to let the miners take their choice out of his pen of fattening steers if the merchant, C. E. Stone, would give them sacks of flour, which was agreed to.
  The steer was butchered and drawn in lots and the flour equally divided among thirty families, and the scene was a pitiful one indeed. Everything passed off in orderly manner, and the Messrs. Stone and Felkner have the everlasting gratitude of the community in their assistance in driving the wolf from the door of these people."
  The Editor sincerely appreciates the contribution of this article to The Jerome Journal by Myrtle Felkner of Centerville, Iowa.  The John Felkner in the article was the grandfather of her husband, Paul Eugene Felkner.

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