Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jerome School Students 1946-1947

Younger Class Room
  Mrs. Helen Murphy, Teacher; Robert Rotisky, Betty Zemo, Marion Zemo, Betty Hardy, Jerry Moore, Eleanor Radosivich, Bruce Clark, Donald Ervin, Unknown, Joe Clark, Mary Trall, Bill Hawkins, Unknown, Ray Nichols, Clifford Agan, Bobby Vruble, Richard Zemo, ?? Cochran, Jackie Fry, Wendell Agan, Larry Sedgwick, Davy Ponsetto, ?? Cochran, Roger Clark, Johnny Ponsetto, James Vruble, Joey Ponsetto.  Identity of persons transcribed from Memories of Jerome, Iowa, with corrections.

Older Class Room
  Top Row: Jimmy Ewards, Mary Hawkins, Boyd Cochran, Betty Vruble, Billy Fry,  Ernestine (Deputy) DalPonte (Teacher).
  Middle Row: Jackie Vruble, Frankie Zemo, Phyllis Vruble and Billy Don Dooley.
  Bottom Row: Wesley Nichols, Margaret Ann Massa, Norman Hefner, Vera Scott, Rowena Rash and Virginia Sedgwick.
  The Editor sincerely appreciates the contribution of the Older Class Room photo with the names of the students to The Jerome Journal by Margaret Ann Massa Hagan of Texas. 

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