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Rev. Andrew Kershaw, 1847-1928

The Seymour Herald – 16 August 1928
  Andrew Kershaw was born in Oldham, England, February 11, 1847 and passed away at his late home in Seymour, Iowa, August 9, 1928, at the age of 81 years, 5 months, and 25 days.
  He accompanied by his parents, emigrated to the United States in 1850 and located six miles from Philadelphia, Penn.  Ten years later his family came west and established a home in Johnson county, Iowa.
  In his early youth he felt called to the ministry, and entered the State University of Iowa to fit himself for the sacred and arduous responsibilities of that high calling.  He was admitted on trial in the Iowa Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church on September, 1874.  In 1883 he transferred to the Nebraska Conference and served within its bound for five years.  He transferred to the Puget Sound Conference and served two years. The he labored twelve years in the Oregon Conference.  At the time of his death, he had been an honored member of the Montana Conference for twenty-seven years.
  Brother Kershaw was a man of many parts.  His mind was unusually alert and well stored with general and useful knowledge, but especially with the precious truth of the blessed Gospel. His command of the promises of God was quite wonderful.  He was a workman that need not be ashamed for he could rightly divide the word of truth.  His retirement from the active ministry did not end his interest in the welfare of souls, for he sought opportunities to preach and teach the Word, and his efforts were signally blessed of God.  He was exceptionally gifted in prayer.  He was a good minister of Jesus Christ.
  He was united in marriage to Mary Sidles at Jerome, Iowa, September 7, 1880.  There was one child born to this union, Charles Paul Kershaw of Streator, Illinois.  After the delightful fellowship and self-sacrificing labor together in the Master’s vineyard extending over a period of fifteen years, he experienced the great sorrow of parting with his beloved helpmate who had shared with him the trials and poys of the Gospel ministry.
  On December 18, 1898 he was married to Sarah E. Morrison, and who for thirty years was a loyal yoke fellow with him in every field of labor to which he as assigned.
  The deceased removed from the West in the fall of 1926 and established his home in Seymour.  At the outset he took an active part in the work of the church.  He was especially attentive to the Sunday School and the prayer meeting until failing health forced him to discontinue his activities.  About three months ago he was the victim of two or three light strokes.  His powers and faculties gradually waned until he went peacefully asleep to awake in the presence of the Master he so cheerfully and faithfully served.
  He is survived by his bereaved wife; his son, Paul, three grandsons and two granddaughters.  There are also two brothers, Ralph Kershaw of Oklahome; Ben Kershaw of Nebraska, and one sister, Mrs. Anna Williams of Colorado.
  Funeral services were conducted from the Methodist Church Sunday morning by the Rev. D. J. McKay assisted by Rev. J. A. Wilson, pastor of the Methodist Church, Mystic, Iowa.  Interment was in the Jerome cemetery.

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