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Jerome News - 30 May 1932

Centerville Daily Iowegian and Citizen - 1 June 1932
  May 30--Mrs. Edris Ward and daughter Donna Jean of Council Bluffs, are visiting relatives here.
  Mr. and Mrs. James Miller and children, of Centerville, spent Sunday evening at the Ernest Fry home.
  Richard Kurg of Elmer, Mo., is visiting this weekat the Lester King home.
  Mr. and Mrs. Dick Anderson and daughter Maxine of Numa, were visiting Sunday at the parental Joe Ponsetto home.
  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cousins of Centerville, visited at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Theo. Sedgwick, Sunday.
  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fox, jr. and sons of Numa spent Thursday evening with his sister, Mrs. D. E. More [Moore] and family.
  Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Olson and son of Ottumwa, visited Sunday and Monday with her other, Mrs. O. Dooley, and other relatives.
  Mr. and Mrs. James Cathcart of Centerville and Mrs. Chas. Burns visited Sunday with their mother, Mrs. Ella McKern.
  Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sexton of Numa were in Jerome Friday to meet her sister, Mrs. Warren Davis of Cranston, Ia., who come to visit the grave of her father, Geo. King.
  Miss Imogene Shontz of Kansas City, Mo., came Friday for a visit with her mother, Mrs. E. L. Shontz.
  Mr. and Mrs. Gail Shock and nephew, Andy Shick visited at the parental W. M. Hardy home Sunday. Billie Rash returned home with them for a visit.
  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mulvania and baby and two more friends, of Lineville, Mo., visited Sunday with Mrs. Maude Cathcart and Mrs. Chas. Mulvania.
  Mrs. Geno Sebbon and baby of Seymour, visited at the parental Chas. Fox home Sunday and Monday.
  Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cathcart, of Elmira, Mo., visited Sunday at the parental James Cathcart home.
  Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Haught were visiting in Numa, Sunday.
  Mr. and Mrs. Albert Matovich and two children, Mr. John Polick and son of Melcher visited Sunday and Monday at the parental Rudolph Bujan [Buyan] home.
  Mr. and Mrs., Lee Phelps and daughters of Rathbun visited with his sister, Mrs. Clay Dooley and family Sunday. 
  Mr. and Mrs. Gilkison and children, Mrs. Wm. Bolton and son Billie and Robert of Elmer, Mo., Mrs. Chas. King and daughter Wanda of Lawson, Ia., Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Bolton and family, Mrs. Mott Kennel and children of Jerome, took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Everett Christy and Grandma Fisher, Monday In the afternoon Mrs. Frank Thomas and children, Mrs. Charlotte Curtis and daughter Nadine and Ed Hill of Centerville, came to visit with them.
  Mr. and Mrs. Bill Williams is visiting at the parental O. L. Fry home Monday.
  Mr. and Mrs. John Rash of Des Moines visited with Mrs. A. S. Gillespie, Sunday.
  Mr. and Mrs. Henry Noble and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Tom Williams and son of Centerville Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cassossi visited at the Marco Cassossi home Monday.
  Dugie Moore, Wm. Hardy, Orvile Dooley, James Lawton, Zora Rash, Reuben and Melvin Dooley, Harry, Johnnie and Louis Maletsky and Gilbert Mickels, who are employed on a railroad gang at Craston, spent Sunday and Monday here with their families.
  Mrs. Ben Sellers, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Sellers of Mystic, visited Sunday at the D. E. Moore, Amos Stiles and Lester King home.
 Geno Sebbins, Misses Lena and Jena Sebbins visited at the Chas. Fox home, Sunday evening.
  Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dooley and children of Diamond, visited at the home of their sister Mrs. Henry Purdy, Sunday.

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