Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lost and Found

The Weekly Guernsey Times 
Cambridge, OH - 15 June 1905
From Google News Archive on 8 January 2012
  A true life story comes from Seymour, Iowa. Thirty-four years ago one George M. Wilson, living near Delphos, Ohio, disposed of his farm, pocketed the cash and with the hired girl went west to seek his fortune and a little seclusion. His wife and his eight children were left to get along as best they could. They got along somehow without the help of the father or the hired girl.
  Recently to (sic) deserted wife applied for a pension as the widow of her old soldier husband. The pension office investigated and found her supposed dead husband much alive and living at Seymour, Iowa; with the hired girl, now a woman of mature years, with a daughter approaching the old maid point of thirty years. The married daughter of the original and only wife travels from Ohio to Iowa to see her long lost dad. Was he glad to see her? Did parental love break out afresh? Hardly. For now it is stated the daughter has commenced suit against her father claiming the sum of $4,000 for services and money expended for the care of her mother.
  And this is not the only mix up. The father during his long life in Iowa has been conveying real estate, the erstwhile hired girl signing the deeds as his wife, while in law, if in deed, she was not his wife. The deserted wife may yet retain her one-third interest under Iowa law. The present owners of these lands will want to clear their titles. Old man Wilson will have to compromise on the best settlement he can make, or stand a chance of losing all in attorney fees, court costs, and other proceedings.
  Moral:  Draw it yourself.

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