Sunday, September 4, 2011

Seymour High School - Class of 1913

Seymour High School
15th Annual Commencement Exercises
  I just came across in old family files saved by my aunt, Cadd Ruth Hawkins, an invitation to the 15th Annual Commencement Exercises of the Seymour High School for the Class of 1913, apparently sent to her by Loren W. Van Dorn, a member of the class, since his card was enclosed with the invitation.
  Loren Webster Van Dorn was born 27 September 1894 in Jerome, Lincoln Township, Appanoose County, Iowa, son of George Brittain Van Dorn and Ellen Abigail Stoner.  He was the grandson of Noah H. Stoner and Catherine Maddox and of Abraham S. Vandorn and Minerva Jan Vito.  His parents and grandparents are all buried in the Jerome Cemetery. 

 World War I - Draft Registation Card
of Loren Webster Van Dorn of Seymour, Iowa
 1913 Seymour High School Graduation Card
of Loren Webster Van Dorn

Invitation to the 
1913 Seymour High School Commencement Exercises
May 22 and 23, 1913

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