Friday, August 5, 2011

Skylar McElvain Honored

The Seymour Herald – 28 July 2011
  Skylar McElvain, a SCHS graduate and freshman in the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department at Iowa State University, was selected to receive the Wessman Scholarship for the 2011-2012 school year. The Wessman Scholarship was established through the estate of John and Helen Wessman. Mr. Wessman was a 1941 Agricultural Engineering graduate of Iowa State. The scholarship is based on scholastic accomplishments and aptitude.
  McElvain will be recognized at the department’s Parent/Student Banquet in April 2012. The Iowa State University Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department, which was the first Ag Engineering Department in the nation, celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2005 and offers degrees in Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Systems Technology, and Industrial Technology. To learn more, visit
  He is the son of James and Melinda McElvain.
Posted 17 April 2009
Scholar of the Week: Skylar McElvain
  SEYMOUR, IOWA -- Skylar McElvain of Seymour High School has an interest in agriculture, theatre, and even baseball. And he is actively involved in his community.
  "Well I like being in a small school because you...know everybody and I think you get a better education because you can work with the teachers better," said Skylar.
  He received top honors at state level for an expository address, and he has also performed on his high school stage.
  "The one was about a kidnapping," said Skylar, "where the child they kidnap for ransom, the kidnappers actually get driven crazy and actually pay to get rid of her!"    
  His post-graduation life is set...and awaiting him.
  "Yeah, I'm planning to go to Indian Hills, enrolled in the Arts & Sciences program and then I plan to transfer to Iowa State, and get a degree in Agricultural Engineering," said Skylar.
  "Skylar is an excellent student," said Agriculture Science Teacher, Stephanie Lukavsky. "He's very self-driven, always wants to do a good job. But when he needs help, then he will ask for it, so that's always good in a student."
  Skylar also has advice for those students working to achieve academic and personal success.
  "Pay attention in class...and do the work, and that’s all you really need to do. And then the rest will just come to you," said Skylar.
  "I could definitely see him pursuing something with the Ag business side of things because he is really good in school and with numbers...I think he will be very successful," added Lukavsky.

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