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Livingston Baptist Church Open House, 10 July 2011

The Seymour Herald - 23 June 2011
  The Franklin Baptist Church at the former Village of Livingston has been undergoing major restoration and renovation. Construction is nearing completing and an open house has been planned for July 10, 2011, from 2-4 p.m. after Church in the Park and lunch during Seymour's Old Settler's celebration.
  The church is located east of Seymour on J46 about three miles to 135th Avenue then south about three miles.
Franklin Baptist Church 
at former Village of Livingston
  The church building was built in 1880 and dedicated in 1881. The Franklin Baptist Church served as a spiritual and moral guide to the neighborhood of Livingston for many years. Services ceased to be held there in the early 1970s.
  The church has been recognized and listed on the National Register of Historic Places due to the life of Livingston Parker and his involvement and service to this church, community and country. He was ordained as a Baptist minister in this building in a two-day ordination service after he served in the Civil War.
  The empty building began to decay until it was rescued from its demise at the turn of this century. It has now been restored and is ready to be dedicated.
  The renovation features an 8 foot wooden cross on the interior of the church at the east end. The baptistery has been preserved and will be open for inspection.
  Pews, which were a gift from the Numa Christian Church when it closed, are being installed in the sanctuary. A replica of the original bell tower has been constructed and a large melodious bell has been installed in the bell tower. Although the church was not originally wired for electricity, the church building now has electric lights (with period fixtures), ceiling fans and heating panels along the sides of the sanctuary. The vaulted ceiling and walls had to be renovated but the original wainscoting has been preserved.
  It is planned that the church will be used for church services, homecomings, weddings, funerals and other special events.
  Historic Livingston Foundation welcomes everyone to come see this historic building.
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