Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mystery Photo - 001

Many of us have old photos of people and/or places, but do not know who or what it is. The Mystery Photo feature of The Jerome Journal is designed for people to share their unidentified pictures to see if anyone can recognize the place or person(s) in the photo.

The editor appreciates the suggestion by Geraldine Rinker of Augusta, Georgia, to add this feature to The Jerome Journal.

The first "mystery photo" is from Geraldine Rinker. She found it among her photos of the Rinker and Sidles families. The original is 8" x 10" mounted on a cardboard mat. The complete photo and an enlarged version of the two persons and dog in the photo are provided below.

If you recognize the house or persons in the photo, or have a thought that might help in identification, please respond through a comment below or email the editor.

If you have unidentified photos which you think were taken in the Jerome/Lincoln township area, please email them to the editor with a description of the photo and any information that might narrow the range of possibilities. They will be posted into
The Jerome Journal.

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