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William Dwight Hughes & Lennie I. Banks

    These articles were transcribed with permission from page 217 of Appanoose County, Iowa (1986) compiled by the Appanoose County Historical Society, Centerville, Iowa.
William Dwight Hughes Family History
  (William) Dwight Hughes, son of Benjamin F. and Merica (Petro) Hughes was born September 2, 1897 in Appanoose County, Iowa the youngest of four children.  He grew to manhood in this county and on May 27, 1917 he married Lennie I. Banks, daughter of Tom and Eva (Criswell) Banks. Mr. and Mrs. Hughes were farmers and in later years Mr. Hughes worked in the coal mines in the area. Dwight, as he was commonly known, died June 1Bold3, 1971 and Lennie died April 30, 1982. They are buried in the Jerome Cemetery.
  Dwight and Lennie raised five children: Harold, born October 12, 1918 now lives in Mesa, Arizona; Raymond born July 1, 1921 lives in Bellair Township, Appanoose County; Marjorie (Smith) born July 27, 1924 lives in Corydon, Iowa; Wayne born September 15, 1930 passed away December 6, 1979 having lived and raised his family in Lees Summit, Missouri [See Below]; Glen born February 21, 1933 lives in Summersville, South Carolina. 
Wayne Edward Hughes
  Wayne Edward Hughes was born September 15, 1930 in Appanoose County, Iowa to Dwight William and Lennie (Banks) Hughes. He was one of five children.  He attended Centerville rural schools and graduated from Centerville High in 1947. He worked for a brief time at The Case Company in Bettendorf then spent six years in the U.S. Air Force, part of that time as a dental assistant at the Air Force Base in San Diego, California. He graduated from Centerville Community College in 1956 and from Northeast Missouri State College in 1958. He started his teaching career in Art in Vandalia, Missouri in 1958.
  On September 1,1963 Wayne married Sylvia Dee Maune of Columbia, Missouri. He continued his education and received the Masters Degree from University of Missouri in Columbia in 1964.
  Wayne and Sylvia moved to Lees Summit, Missouri in 1964 where Wayne taught Art in the Public School until his death December 6, 1979 following a short illness.
  Wayne and Sylvia have two children:  Doug age 18 and Dee Anne age 15.
  In spite of the pain and crippling effects of rheumatoid arthritis that was part of Wayne's life for the last twenty years, he never ceased to be a vital father, husband and teacher devoted to his community and profession. His gentle character, sharp wit and good judgement were an inspiration to all with whom he worked and was acquainted. Submitted by Mrs. Sylvia Hughes and Raymond Hughes.

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